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Off On a Tangent: The Crime Reading List For Those Who Read and Loved GONE GIRL


So I’m not yet certain if Gillian Flynn’s GONE GIRL is my favorite crime novel of 2012, but it will almost certainly be up there. And so far I’d say it’s a favorite of a great many people thus far, hitting #2 on the NYT bestseller list its first week out, tons and tons of raves/ongoing reads in my…

Well, this is just fucking FANTASTIC.

Normally when people say that, they’re being sarcastic, but I assure you, I am not being sarcastic! I am about to put half of this on hold at the library.

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    Megan Abbott’s books are, indeed,...good bet. We just pubbed
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    Great list! Lots...non-Harper, on here.
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    Very happy to find this list.
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    I haven’t read Gone Girl yet (it’s next on my list), but Gillian Flynn is all kinds of fantastic so I have no doubt...
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    This is GREAT. The book nerd internet rules today.
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