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Darien Library: Be our intern! We buy you lunch and never ask you to buy us coffee. Ever.


Darien Library – one of the busiest and highly-ranked public libraries of its size in the country – seeks a service-focused, curious and enthusiastic student to become a member of the Readers’ Advisory department for the fall semester. The successful candidate will be a strong reader who is…

Also, totally unrelated—want to be my intern? 

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    I would do this 100% if I didn’t live in MD. If only I could be a virtual intern …
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    Google maps says the commute would be 1 hr 8 mins. Google maps lies; crossing the Tappan Zee gets fairly brutal. That...
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    Don’t know how it is elsewhere, but going through the Simmons GSLIS West program means that Darien Library is held up as...
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    I WANT TO BE ALL THE INTERNS!! But I’m in NC and am enjoying my position with Wake County libraries. Plus I’m only a...
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    Also, totally unrelated—want to be my intern?
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