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There’s this terrible idea that the things you do are like this manifesto against everything else.

page 128, The Chairs Are Where The People Go by Misha Glouberman with Sheila Heti.

The classification on the back of the book describes it as “philosophy,” which at first seemed wrong to me, because philosophy makes me think of a particular class in college that was dull. It clarified a few problems I’ve been pondering in my personal life, so that made me think it was self-help. It had some good thoughts that I can apply to my job running a bookstore, so I thought, maybe it’s a business book. But it also has insights into the nature of love, and helpful advice on charades, and art, and competition, and new ways of looking at the ways that cities change. So maybe philosophy is the best description.

Whatever it is, I don’t just highly recommend it. I URGE it. I beseech you to read it. I think it will make you happy, and it will be good for your brain, but not in a bran-fiber cereal sort of way. More like how in the summer you can make these salads that are so colorful and delicious that you can’t even believe they’re healthy. That’s what this book is like.

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