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E-books article drinking game

With sincere apologies if this has been done before, but I think this is the only way I can read another one of these. Maybe I might be cranky today!

"Will e-books wipe out/kill/decimate/pulverize/HULKSMASH/angry verb real books?" — one drink

Above question is lede — one drink

Every use of phrase “real book” — one drink

Expert you’ve never heard of before predicting percentages — one drink

Any predicted percentage of anything over 30% — one drink

Any discussion of book world after 2020 — one drink

"old-fashioned" — one drink

Passionate defense of DRM — one drink

Passionate defense of DRM from someone outside the publishing industry — one drink (of the blood of a sphinx) (mixed with the blood of a centaur)

Assertion that e-book prices are too high, and will lower soon — one drink

Assertion that e-book prices are too low, and will raise soon — one drink

Article uses vague Amazon press release stats misleadingly — one drink

"too soon to tell" — one drink

"no matter what" — one drink

"game-changer" — one drink

"turn the page" used as a pun — one drink

"turn the page" used as a pun in the headline — two drinks

The words “cuddle” or “snuggle” used to describe reading habits — two drinks

Reminder that some people read in the bathtub or on the beach and assertion that e-readers/physical books are superior in this regard — two drinks

Journalist and/or someone interviewed acknowledges that hir habits might be damaging to an industry s/he loves but cannot bring self to change them — two drinks

"smell of a real book" — clean out the liquor cabinet, drink until you pass out, wake up next morning, puke, then continue drinking

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