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jaimealyse replied to your post: A new drink for summer

Well which kind of coconut water? They taste really different. (The little white bottles of raw stuff at Whole Foods are the tastiest, but the expensivist too.) (Yay primal booze!)

It’s the not-very-fancy Zico, on sale at my grocery store. I will try it with the raw stuff, too, when I happen upon it. That might elevate this to being an actual cocktail!

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A new drink for summer

Easy to stock, easy to make: ice in a pint glass, then equal parts red wine and coconut water. Doesn’t actually taste like much—I think the flavors are canceling each other out a bit. Maybe it tastes a little like butter? Fruity butter? Cold fruit butter. A little peppery? Peppery cold fruit butter wine mouth. Aren’t you intrigued?

It’s actually very refreshing. 

Also, I can pretend it’s healthy, because it’s primal. Woohoo! If I drink one every night, by the end of the summer, I will be ready to live forever!

All it needs now is a name.

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