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A tall-girl complaint that is not very important, but which feels like it.

I have accepted that most women’s shoes are not available in my size (the forboding twelve, which lurks around the edges of clothing catalogs like a forgotten ghost) even though my inability to find shoes outside of Payless and a few select boutique shoe shops usually leads me to feel like some sort of Sasquatchian freak that will eventually just need to tie tree bark to my feet with fishing line in order to take part in human company. I am tall and I have big feet; okay. Breathe in, breathe out. Tall people need big feet. Without them, we might topple over, imbalanced. That might get messy.

But today, I went shopping for basketball sneakers, and they did not have them in my size. ¬†This, I cannot accept without complaining. Shoes for basketball. You know, the sport for tall people? The sport I have played most of my life despite not having any intrinsic athletic ability because, as dozens of coaches have joked to my face,¬†you can’t teach height? I am actually pretty short for a tall girl, in basketball terms, and to be totally honest, my feet are bigger than I am tall. Given my feet, I should really be about 6’1” and I am not sure what happened there, as I’d like to be that tall. Anyway, my feet are weird almost everywhere else, but under the soothing fluorescent gym lighting of the basketball world, they are average. So I would like to be able to put actual shoes on my feet, please.

I already hate going into shoe stores, telling the nice girl my size, watching her eyes widen and look at my feet like they might explode, feeling like I might Hulk out in the wimpiest possible way (DON’T MAKE ME EMBARRASSED. YOU WOULDN’T LIKE ME WHEN I’M EMBARRASSED). The athletic store should be my refuge. They should train the nice girls what to do with hulking monsters like me. I want to give them all my money because their clothing and shoes make me feel normal for a hot minute. Let me give you all my money, athletic stores. Make me some shoes.

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