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What will be this year’s Gone Girl?


The Preservationist?
Y’all probably have better suggestions?

I guess the common thread I’m imagining here is propulsive mysteries with interesting female characters that are about about human nature and shifting perspectives and the ultimate unknowability of the inner lives of other people?

I have been thinking about this. Hmmmm! I have read a number of books this year that were pitched in their flap copy as the new Gone Girl, but surprise surprise, no dice. In the straight-up mystery arena, I think a number of authors provide interesting female characters and focus more on human nature than whodunit: Denise Mina, Laura Lippman, Tana French. I also liked The Shining Girls by Lauren Buekes, out earlier this year. That’s closer to Stephen King than Gillian Flynn, I think, but it sounds like you would like it. It didn’t get nearly the attention I thought it would, which is the reverse of Gone Girl.

A book I like to recommend to people who liked Gone Girl specifically for its shifting perspectives and occasionally-uncomfortably-close-to-home female voice is Clown Girl by Monica Drake. (So many girls!) Lord, few books have made me squirm the way that one did. It is decidedly weirder than Gone Girl, though, and doesn’t have much of a mystery, aside from “OMGGGGG why does she put up with that from him?!” Which, honestly, if any of us knew the answer to that question, we’d have book deals of our own. Also, it’s from 2009, so not this year.

I certainly hope someone else has an answer to this one. But honestly, I think half the excitement around Gone Girl in the first place came out of how rare a bird it was.

This has been a #bookadvice post. I’m answering one #bookadvice question most days this month, and occasionally relying on the advice of other people, for reasons to be explained at a later date. Go ahead and post your own questions under the #bookadvice tag, or answer one. Or answer this one! 

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Three great new books, by three great authors at the top of their game:

The Round House by Louise Erdrich.

Broken Harbor by Tana French.

Dorchester Terrace by Anne Perry.

I can think of few things as satisfying as picking up a book by an author you already love, and the book being everything you want it to be (outside of the cold crunchy-smush of a recently-sliced watermelon). These three were exactly that. I read them in quick succession and was so spoiled that I am now living on bad YA novels about rich teenagers and seasons 4 and 5 of the X-Files until their spell wears off.

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